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Online video advertising is currently the fastest-growing segment of media advertising. This was stated on dozens of industry conferences and confirmed by many studies. According to eMarketer.com, the video advertising market has grown 18 times in the United States since 2009. Financially speaking, that’s a jump from $410 million in 2009 to $ 7.46 billion in 2015. It is predicted that the value of the market will rise to $ 12.27 billion in 2017.

The popularity of video advertising is growing worldwide, with the most popular video hosting service being YouTube.com. YouTube is localized in more than 88 countries. It attracts over 1 billion viewers per day, which amount to billions of views and hundreds of millions of hours of playback. Almost a third of all Internet users visit this resource daily. Among Americans ages 18-49, Youtube is more popular than any US cable television network. The all-time duration of Youtube videos watched is increasing quickly. Its annual growth rate has been over 50% for the past three years. Since YouTube is the main resource for watching video online, this site is an excellent platform for advertisers. Channel owners’ income has increased 1.5x since the previous year of 2014. More and more authors who publish their content on YouTube, have an annual income of six figures. That is why, according to SeeZisLab, this video hosting site deserves special attention. Our team will help you achieve great results, and take your Youtube channel from a hobby to a successful, profitable business. On our site, you can get detailed statistics of the main characteristics of any channel you are interested in, which will help you analyze and optimize the promotion of your own content. SeeZisLab is the first software in the world that offers to evaluate YouTube channels on the basis of the cost of one minute of video. We pay special attention to channel revenue. We don’t just offer you information based only on the number of views and the country's rate of channel. SeeZisLab team’s original calculation formula is based on the analysis of the qualitative characteristics of the channel. This formula allows you to get the stats of YouTube channel earnings with minimal deviations.

The main services of the SeeZisLab team are:

  • Providing actual and qualitative analytics for any YouTube channel, from the smallest to the leading channels of each category;
  • Calculating the basic factors and indicators that clearly demonstrate the characteristics of the channel, which allow you to track its progress and growth;
  • Comparing the characteristics of different channels;
  • Providing possible recommendations for optimization based on the experience of the successful channels in the same category.(the next version)


You didn’t just stumble on our site by chance! We want to help you succeed and achieve your goals for growing your channel into a business with video advertising. SeeZisLab will help you select the winning strategy to expand the popularity and profitability of your YouTube channel!