How to add a channel trailer on YouTube?

Today, a YouTube channel trailer is a special tool by which you can increase the number of subscribers on your channel. A trailer (which is played automatically) is seen by users when they view your channel. That’s why it is so important to understand how to add a channel trailer on YouTube, without making mistakes with options you choose. First of all, go to home page, which is also called as “feed”, and try to customize its channel layout. For executing such an action, you should find a key button in a form of a gear. Click on it and in a moment there appears an icon with basic settings for blog in form of gears. Your next step is to find a section Customization of channel view “Overview” and drag the slider as it is shown in screenshot to the right for its activation or to the left for its shutdown.

How to add a channel trailer on youtube

Next thing, which youtubers see on the main page, will be an overview panel. Through this option, a user gets an offer to view different sections, see how the channel is displayed for guests or subscribers, which YouTube channel trailer is the most popular for a certain period. And this main instruction tells How to Add a Channel Trailer on YouTube for the lazy.

Step 1. At the beginning, you should upload a video in usual way, but how to add trailer. Above all, notice that under load there is the following text – There are no new videos on your channel, so this shelf will not be displayed. To show content, download video. And last phrase – download video – has a hyperlink, which that moves to the next page. There you can download any video you want, only by clicking on the arrow, download sign.

Step 2. After loading a video, we return to our channel page and under Home tab, we switch to For new viewers tab. There we can see some advice on how to attract people to your YouTube channel trailer and, of course, - button Channel trailer.

youtube channel trailer

Step 3. Last thing that is really important for all youtubers is a choice of the necessary video trailer from the list, given in the icon. There are two main ways how to put your trailer on YouTube. Firstly, select downloaded video from the box “My video” and click Save. Secondly, write an URL-link of video in the input information line, which is given under box “My video”. Select a more useful variant you have.

youtube channel trailer video

In a word, your trailer is ready to be presented to your subscribers. For people who like to check all what they do, there is an individual function near their channel name – to watch as.... Guest or Owner. This will help you to imagine how your channel will look like in the future.

youtube add channel trailer

After video uploading, selecting all functions, your video is ready to the usage and it will always start automatically as soon as you or other people visit your site, page, account.

how to add a youtube channel trailer

If trailer doesn’t suit you or it plays in the blog for a long period? The main thing you need to do is to return to Step 2, read it again to revise and in the right high corner, where description of this video can be found, there is a note “Pencil”. Your task is only to exchange or delight the trailer to another one. And this can be repeated all day long.

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