How to add sections to your YouTube channel?

YouTube sections have been made for users to navigate among numerous of channel playlists. Such a function helps videos not to get entangled with other trailers, classified for perception, dateline, adventure. However, how to add YouTube channel sections? Well, its principle is very similar for sites, where different catalogue rubrics are involved. Same situation occurs with YouTube channel section that, firstly, combines, then divides playlists into groups. Before adding YouTube channel sections, pull this channel home page. Only after that, such button Add section (section “for returning subscribers”) will appear on-screen.

How to add sections to your youtube channel

Push this & see menu, with its help a user can select displayed content (video, playlists, other, etc.) and choose the right layout (horizontal row, vertical list). How does this work? Well, first come high watching rank videos, then others. After making decision, this Uploads items will be reflected in the way they will be represent for search.

youtube channel sections

The main thing about this page: it displays all videos uploaded to all channels. You can see YouTube channel section name & short video characteristics. This option can prevent uploading of the same video, this means that a youtuber will always know all channel info. Another advantage: users can behold 3-4 sections on blog page. This implies that users have a possibility of changing YouTube channel sections order & controlling popularity. Never neglect that, particularly, this makes a YouTube blog more popular among others. Furthermore, you can add not only your video, but also other playlists from different YouTube blogs (for example, popular uploads, posted playlists). Anyway, a YouTube channel makes available short information about it.

add sections to youtube channel

As it has been said earlier, there is an extra service for changing the upload order. Find arrows on the right from the sections, but never forget - these items will never appear for subscribers if a user doesn’t upload any video-projects.

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