How to add social media links to your YouTube Channel?

YouTube has certainly come a long way in the last few years. Now, you have access to many video editing tools right inside your YouTube Channel.

Nowadays social networks have become an integral part of all Internet users' lives - people communicate, exchange information and media content, including trade through social networks.

Social networks links increase targeted traffic amount on any networking website or page. It also provides a way for changing necessary websites very quickly.

Consequently, let us discuss how to add social media links to your YouTube Channel.

Foremost, when you have just created a YouTube channel, icons are not visible.

How to add social media links to your YouTube Channel

Thus, we should turn them on. Enter “My channel”. After that, press “pencil” located on channel art in the right upper corner. There is “Edit links” button that enables sharing YouTube custom links.

youtube custom links

Another valid adding links way hides under Section “About”. Where the same page for various social networks along with usual website links exist.

Links on socials networks

Note: YouTube offers its regular users maximum 5 user links by clicking "Add" button. Enter dissimilar online link names, for example: "My blog", "Gift" or any other. The main rule is that title does not exceed 30 characters. In same way, you can add links to current social networks profiles.

add social media links to youtube channel

Next, insert URL links. Put them in desirable order, after doing that press “Done”.

how to add social links to youtube channel

Eventually your channel will show social media icons like in the image below.

How to add on youtube a link to twitter or facebook

Following our rules, you have mastered one more technique and have made one more step towards making a hit

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