How to change a custom url for YouTube channel?

URL channel address is a special form of designating an individual channel address, used for attracting audience attention. URL address main part is a site domain name, which is important to choose correctly. When choosing channel’s name, it is important to take into account certain characteristics.

Currently, a just-created YouTube channel account has no unique custom URL, only unspecified symbol sets. For going great guns and inviting more visitors, change it for a more matchable. The main reason for a change: YouTube channel promotion, as more subscribers you have, more popular your channel will become.

Firstly, make sure that your YouTube channel meets all technical requirements:

Remember, according to YouTube channel rules, a youtuber can have only one private URL address. One more thing, custom URL is user’s property, that’s why person cannot transfer it.

Do users have a chance to change YouTube channel link?

This option will not work if a youtuber uses old YouTube username. As he/she has already used certain address, associated with username, for example:

Nevertheless, Google service appropriates one unique name (custom URL link), based on member’s identification data, given after user’s registration. This name consists of random symbol set, for example:

This one is needed to be changed by the user.

How to change a custom URL for YouTube Channel?

How to change a custom URL for YouTube Channel? Find your account icon, press it & find gear sign button (near Creator Studio tack) Click on it and follow channel link. There will appear certain user overview – Account information, which consists of Account type, Name, Advances (settings), Account settings, Additional features with such functions - View additional features & Create a new channel).

How to change a custom url for youtube channel Custom URL for your channel

Subsequently, follow Advanced (settings) link and look through it very carefully. If you don’t understand something, use Internet search to find target information about moments, which raise questions. After that, select the link next to You're eligible for a custom URL. You'll only see this link if your channel is eligible.

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