How to change YouTube channel description?

There is an opinion that viewers do not look at YouTube channel description, preferring to watch video with cute cats. But some creativity neophytes may need additional information about what happens on the channel including possible benefits for them. A few lines promote you, the channel, as well as its content. Poster writing process for your channel can be reduced to simple dogma: insert keys and tell something about yourself and personal creativity.

Basic principle implicates that YouTube channel description should be useful and, moreover, have relevant content. Describing profile may become a starting page for potential regular viewers, thus boring text like "I'm uploading videos of my dog" or grammatical errors just make people leave. Write good script, get people interested and you will get reward.

Let’s inquire into how to change youtube channel description.

As demonstrated in picture below, press button with setting.

How to change youtube channel description

Turn on your channel layout customization. After this you can act either as an administrator, guest or subscriber.

youtube channel description

Therefore, “About” button appears on channel’s homepage, so click it. Now you have an opportunity for adding a description

channel description for youtube

In the first two sentences for a YouTube channel description, channel's topic and target audience are worth mentioning. Putting everything important in the beginning, you can get viewers who just surf this website searching amusing videos. Separately, describe what visitors can watch on your channel including what will appear there soon.

YouTube offers its users 1,000 symbols. However, practice shows that 500 characters usually cover everything necessary for a good description of a YouTube channel. Adapt written text correctly to a specific audience.

It looks as follows.

how to change your youtube channel description

Click “Done” as soon as the text is ready.

Last image shows an example of ready YouTube channel description.

youtube channel description character limit
Channel successfully added
You rich Your maximum channels count on tariff. If You want to add more channels, please change tariff
Error while adding channel
This channel was added recently and therefore can not be deleted now
Channel successfully deleted
Error while deleting channel
Sorry, can not find such channel
Only registered users can perform this type of check. Please log in
You have not more attempts to check this today, please wait or switch another tariff
Sorry, something going wrong while trying to use Your attempt
Sorry, something going wrong while trying to add competitor
This promo code does not exist
The promo code is not suitable
The promo code is not suitable, you move on to a cheaper tariff