How to create a playlists on YouTube channel?

A Playlist is an easy way for combining the alike videos or the videos that contain information on the same topic. It is convenient both for a viewer and for the channel owner owing to simplified finding the required video content.

Step 1

There are two general ways helping to create a playlist on YouTube. You can choose either of them.
Method 1. On the channel main page, there is a “Playlists” tab. By clicking it, you go to the playlist creating tool. This is the quickest way.

create youtube playlist

Method 2. You can reach the playlist creation tool in the “Creative studio” (a button with your profile short data and your thumbnail in the upper right corner). Go to “Creative studio”, then click “Playlists” tab in the left hand menu and select “Playlists.” The system now shows you a blank page since there are no playlists created yet.

Нow to create a playlists on youtube channel

Step 2

In the playlist creation tool, click “+ create a playlist” button. It is on the upper toolbar. First, the system offers you to enter a name for a new playlist. Chose the one suiting your purposes or combining the videos into topics. Be creative.

youtube create a playlist

Click create (the button is blue in color) and the playlist is ready. Now the only thing you need is to add some video into it.

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