How to create a YouTube account?

Any work at any resource on the internet starts with creating an account. Especially, if one is eager to use a website not as a guest user, but as a person willing to utilize all the functions proposed. YouTube is not an exception. So, here’s a small guideline on how to create a YouTube account easily in order to use all the needed functions of the resource. To create YouTube channel first one needs to have a Google account since the services are interconnected and YouTube sign up is, basically, a Google sign up. For those, who already have a Google account, the further step is not required, but for “google freshmen” here is a step-by-step guide:

Creating a Google account

Step 1

First, start a browser and enter the website’s name, either by hand or find it in google – it is for the user to decide. After loading, YouTube main page is opened and you see the most recent and popular videos proposed to watch. Nevertheless, they are not what is currently needed. In the Right upper corner of the page, there are two buttons – “Add a Video” and blue “Log in” button. The future video blogger need to click a blue one.

how to create a youtube account

Step 2

After clicking the Log In button, the user is redirected to Google account page. There are two possible options there: Option 1. You have got a google account. In this case, simply choose an account you want to use for YouTube and log in. Option 2. The user does not have a Google account. In this case, follow the further steps and create it. In case there is no account proposed to log in, you see a log in page with one fill-in field, blue button “Next” and the words below it – “Create an account” – click those words.

youtube sign up

Step 3

Provide small part of details about yourself in the questionnaire opened. The data is name, date of birth, telephone number, country, additional e-mail for security reasons, and the user account preferable to use.

how to create a new account in youtube

The system provides you with a free choice of e-mail addresses; the user also can enter the existing e-mail address instead of creating a new one at In addition, you are free not to fill the telephone number field. Nevertheless, be informed that in further work with YouTube channel created and to use all the additional functions (e.g. official partners services, monetization, etc.), YouTube anyway will ask to insert and verify the telephone number. So, perhaps, it will more convenient to fill the number from the very beginning.

Step 4

By clicking next the visitor confirms that he/she agrees with all the terms and conditions of YouTube resource. This is a common step for all the website while registration procedure.

how can create a youtube account

Step 5

After inserting the telephone number into the respective field, choose the verification method – text message or a test call – whatever is more convenient. The further example is described for text message verification since it is more often chosen among users.

how do create a youtube account

The system automatically sends the code to a specified phone number within several minutes. Enter the code into a respective field.

how do you create a youtube account

It’s done! These small steps helped the freshmen user to create a YouTube account, now it is easy to create a YouTube channel. Congratulations, now move forward.

how to make a youtube account easy
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