How to create a YouTube channel?

Creating a YouTube channel is the second step in utilizing the website’s internal functions, transforming a customer from a common to a professional user or even a video blogger. The following steps are aimed at helping to create a new YouTube channel effortlessly.

Step 1

Visit, and log in the account. The log in field is in the right upper corner of the main YouTube page. There are two possible actions further:

1. Either on the left side of the screen, in the features column, you can find “My channel” link. By clicking it, the visitor is redirected to the channel creation/management tool right away.

2. Or, in the upper right corner, in the small window with the brief account info together with a thumbnail of the user, in case there is one, there is “Settings” icon. In YouTube preferences, there are as many as two links leading for creation a channel (on the very first page of the Preferences). The first is near the user account – the e-mail, and the second is at the bottom of the page, it is the last blue link on “General” preferences tab.

How to create a youtube channel create youtube channel

Step 2

Choose one of the methods described above for entering the channel creation tool. After clicking the corresponding link or button, there is a window requesting a name for the future channel. The system opens a window “Enter as…” and asks to create the name for your channel.

make a youtube channel

Again, there are several options with the name for the user’s consideration:

1. You can make a YouTube channel personal – just choose the Name-Surname as a name for the channel.

2. In case the channel is being created for a special project, task type of work or content – you may choose the project/content/task name as a name for the channel.

3. Another option is naming the channel based on popular search requests or statistics, corresponding the channel’s objectives, as well as targets plus objectives of the channel owner. Such an option is for advanced users who aim to popularize the channel using widespread Internet popularization techniques.

4. You can name a channel using the popular saying, phrase, favorite word, name of a pet or whatever – the name is the personal choice for every user.

Anyway, the name is available for change any time the owner wants to introduce changes. Done! Congrats! A YouTube Channel has been created. It is blank yet, nonetheless, it is not for long.

Channel successfully added
You rich Your maximum channels count on tariff. If You want to add more channels, please change tariff
Error while adding channel
This channel was added recently and therefore can not be deleted now
Channel successfully deleted
Error while deleting channel
Sorry, can not find such channel
Only registered users can perform this type of check. Please log in
You have not more attempts to check this today, please wait or switch another tariff
Sorry, something going wrong while trying to use Your attempt
Sorry, something going wrong while trying to add competitor
This promo code does not exist
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