How to Enable YouTube Channel Navigation?

Nowadays many people all other the world use YouTube for watching film teasers or promotion their short video projects. At first, let’s consider how to enable YouTube channel navigation. Before you customize YouTube channel layout, you should clearly decide what information would be available on channel. Then, open your blog account and a home page will appear, also called as “feed”. For great majority of people, this word associated with an action of eating, but what mean a word “feed” on YouTube? “Feed” is certain news, more precisely a news line, in which every action, new video that user uploaded the other day, text he/she wrote, likes he/she clicked, etc. are displayed. With help of this option, youtubers can change notifications about what actions of their subscribers are to be shown, and which ones are not. Therefore, after blog viewing, choose one button with words Change page view “Overview”.

How to Enable YouTube Channel Navigation

After switching to page service “overview”, your next action is to find “tuning icon” and, then, customize your YouTube layout. If you have some problems with searching or you can’t guess where this icon is, look at button “Subscribe”. Tuning icon is just on the left.

youtube channel navigation

Immediately after this, a special icon with basic settings of YouTube channel navigation appears. The first thing that needs to be done is careful reading of all designations and making sure that a youtuber understands all of them. If not, use Google search tape for understanding the main meaning and only after that choose what suits you most. However, one should not forget that this option is a tremendous opportunity for those authors, who upload their video projects systematically. Moreover, it is not the only function that can offer to enable YouTube channel navigation. Using it, a user can add blog trailers, recommend content for subscribers, and also distribute teasers and playlists by sections.

customize youtube channel layout

Furthermore, one should not forget that recently YouTube has carried out a number of updates and the icon with basic settings of YouTube channel navigation has been replenished with some new settings, such as Tab “Discussion” as well as Section’s translation “About channel”. All this will help facilitate user’s work.

Thus, if all the functions are selected, the only thing left to be done is to press key button “Save”. As every option will be saved automatically, you can use your blog as you want, e.g. create/upload a teaser or customize your blog’s sections.

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