How to translate a YouTube playlist info into another language?

Before considering subject-matter steps of how to translate YouTube playlist info into another language, let’s analyze some reasons of creating a separate switch to another language. Firstly, audience capture – people subscribed for the channel and monitoring video-updates. Another reason – money. More people subscribe, more money a user will draw. Due to this, pretty many YouTube channel make a decision to translate playlist info.

Nevertheless, how does this happen? For example, if a youtuber is out for appending translated playlist description, he/she takes a current description in the native language, and translates info into another language.

Moreover, each user has an opportunity to verify playlist translation. Exchange YouTube language to a newly translated one. Next, find a video in search, or simply browse your video page (e.g., simply entering URL).

How to translate a youtube playlist info into another language

For adding a finished translation, first open home page & check your channel view. If it is necessary, switch Edit layout button for going from one mode to another, push gear symbol near Subscribe button.

Translate playlist info

Then, a well-known icon with channel settings will appear. Look at its items. Find section Translate info. There ordinary channel owner will notice such words – Reach audiences in foreign countries by translate playlist info into different languages on YouTube. Pull words "translate playlist info” as they contain reference. Push & follow link. On this page, choose Playlists inset & elect video for translate playlist info into different languages on YouTube. Browse the page. In the right corner, you will see an ellipsis sign (key guidance)

Localization of playlists in YouTube to other languages

Press button & choose one of key functions: Add all …, Delete playlist, Translate playlist info. At this moment, target - Translate playlist info.

How to change the playlist description to another language

Over there, users observe video name, video description, two icons - Source language and Target language. At the origin, choose Source language (Russian).

Change the playlist language to YouTube

Next step – choose Target language (Afrikaans - Zulu).

Localize playlists to other languages

Then supplement translated given text, & never forget about video name. A user also should translate it. All you have to do is push Save button.

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