How to translate YouTube channel info into another language?

YouTube gives users rights for translating metadata of videos and subtitles into almost all world languages. Why? This is the way you will be able to make your video accessible for different people, get more traffic, more subscribers & more income.

The translation function now works stable, that’s why these arises certain subject-matter steps of how to translate YouTube channel info into another language.

Firstly, you take a current description in the native language to subjoin translate channel info.

Moreover, each user has an opportunity to verify channel’s translation. Next step is to change YouTube language; either find the channel in search, or simply bred over link set (e.g., simply entering URL).

How to translate youtube channel info into another language

Before adding a finished translation, first open My channel page, & check your channel view. Switch Edit layout button for going from one view to another, push a gear symbol.

Localization of the description of YouTube channel in other languages

Look at channel settings icon. Find section Translate channel info. This will redirect a user to translate channel info into different languages on YouTube page. Again, if it is necessary, click Edit layout press-button.

On this page, we can see Russian channel name, Russian key description & two icons - Source language and Target language. Initially, choose Source language (in our variant – Russian).

How to change channel description to another language

Next action – choose Target language (Afrikaans - Zulu).

Translation of the name and description of the channel on YouTube

Then add the text to be translated, never forget about channel’s name. Everything is to be translated. Finish your work by pushing a Save button.

Translate channel info
Channel successfully added
You rich Your maximum channels count on tariff. If You want to add more channels, please change tariff
Error while adding channel
This channel was added recently and therefore can not be deleted now
Channel successfully deleted
Error while deleting channel
Sorry, can not find such channel
Only registered users can perform this type of check. Please log in
You have not more attempts to check this today, please wait or switch another tariff
Sorry, something going wrong while trying to use Your attempt
Sorry, something going wrong while trying to add competitor
This promo code does not exist
The promo code is not suitable
The promo code is not suitable, you move on to a cheaper tariff