How to verify your account on YouTube?

As soon as a YouTube account for video uploading has been created, the next step will be its confirmation. Any channel should get through verification. Without taking this step website resources are not fully accessible and, thus, we can't succeed.

The first move to verify a YouTube account is going directly to YouTube website homepage together with signing in account (aforementioned only works in case of a new one), which we try to verify. Click the account icon located in the right upper corner. Now you see your e-mail address, but currently there aren't any subscribers. All necessary settings are hidden under “Creator Studio” button, so press it.

How to verify your account on youtube

On the left side of the next page you have an opening-up menu. Click “Channel” tab. Hence, “Status and features” along with “Upload defaults” sections will immediately appear on the screen. Everything that one needs is to press the first one. After doing that, it is possible to see whether YouTube page is verified or not.

verify youtube account

If the given profile has not been verified yet, do it. After that, verification page opens. Step 1 of 2 is selecting a particular country. However, in most cases when this page opens it has already been chosen correctly by the system itself automatically. Next the most preferable way of verification code delivery must be chosen: either automated voice call or text message can be sent straight to your cellphone.

verified youtube account

Though, be very attentive if you select the first option because the call is made only once and almost instantly after submitting phone number. That’s why your handy must be kept nearby. In addition, there is an opportunity for choosing language that will be used for sending a 6-digit code.

how do you verify your account on youtube

The last empty field should be filled in with your valid phone number. Then press blue “submit” button.

how do you verify youtube account

Maximum a minute later, a text message or call will come. If there are no messages or calls, entered previously phone number requires additional check. As the code has been entered, click “Submit”.

Since this moment, verified YouTube account offers many work opportunities.

Verification is not just a formal way of confirming your existence on this website. It's also a great opportunity to provide security and get many advantages which allow to:

Nevertheles,s not all facilities located in “Status and features” subsection are eligible. They do not have such an easy approach. Fulfilling some certain requirements can help user obtain access to them.

how do i verify youtube account
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