How much do
YouTube channels make

Detailed statistics of potential income of any YouTube channel

Statistics of income per minute of video published on YouTube

How much one can earn on YouTube?

Statistics of channel’s earnings for all the time on YouTube

Minimal errors in calculations of channel's income

  • Statistics of income per minute of video published on YouTube

  • How much one can earn on YouTube?

  • Statistics of channel’s earnings for all the time on YouTube

  • Minimal errors in calculations of channel's income

Channels with greatest income on YouTube

# Channel Language Subscribers
UCq-Fj5jknLsUf-MWSy4_brA 1
T-Series #1
Language EN
Subscribers 116M
EN 116M
UC-9-kyTW8ZkZNDHQJ6FgpwQ 2
Music #2
Subscribers 108M
UC-lHJZR3Gqxm24_Vd_AJ5Yw 3
PewDiePie #3
Language EN
Subscribers 102M
EN 102M
UClgRkhTL3_hImCAmdLfDE4g 4
YouTube Movies #4
Subscribers 92.7M
UCOpNcN46UbXVtpKMrmU4Abg 5
Gaming #5
Subscribers 83.2M
Sports #6
Subscribers 75.5M
UCbCmjCuTUZos6Inko4u57UQ 7
Cocomelon - Nursery Rhymes #7
Language EN
Subscribers 64.1M
EN 64.1M
UC295-Dw_tDNtZXFeAPAW6Aw 8
5-Minute Crafts #8
Language EN
Subscribers 61.8M
EN 61.8M
UCpEhnqL0y41EpW2TvWAHD7Q 9
SET India #9
Language EN
Subscribers 58.7M
EN 58.7M
UCffDXn7ycAzwL2LDlbyWOTw 10
Canal KondZilla #10
Language PT
Subscribers 52.9M
PT 52.9M
Top 100 YouTube by potential earnings

How much money does YouTubers make? This is probably the most popular question people conscious about all over that world. No less popular are the following issues:

  • How much does YouTube pay for subscribers?
  • How much do YouTubers earn?
  • How much does YouTube pay per video?
  • How much money can I make on YouTube?
  • Where can I get information on YouTube’s salary?

By the way, have you ever thought about monetization of your video blog? We provide a simple as well as cost-effective solution for everyone whose desire is getting revenue without extra expenses. It is SeeZisLab! A convenient user-friendly interface designed both for those who have just started their career in the videoblogging sphere and those who know exactly all the evident benefits of such activities with their nuances.

Blogger’s payments, which is a real benchmark, along with detailed information concerning a particular channel revenue in accessible formats is provided by SeeZisLab. It is achieved through a unique system of analysis including such indicators as traffic, views, ratings, ad units.

Statistical information may be used in accordance with your desires, and in addition to that, taking into account the objectives pursued by you initially. The following are to be included:

  • Willing to create your own effective blog promotion program;
  • Allocation a budget for promotion;
  • Determining key differences of your video channel, as well as its competitors;
  • Evaluating competitors’ YouTube monetization.
  • Where can I get information on YouTube’s salary?
In addition, for many beginners it will be quite useful to see the revenue of some YouTube channels. Real YouTubers’ net income along with subscribers number depicted on their blogs is a great incentive for further growth. It may be a good tool for making decisions about your future blog topic and niche.

This factor must be considered long before your own channel creation. How much money one can earn on YouTube depends on the right choice he/she makes. The niches devoted to financial or business aspects, various ways of earning, construction and fixing are among the most demanded ones. Female audience prefers DIY workshops like embroidery or knitting, video-recipes of interesting tasty dishes or discussing peculiarities of growing indoor plants.

Many future bloggers willing to get some income from their channels are choosing niches where they are in their element. But YouTubers’ earnings are subject entirely to advertising rather than authors’ talents in cuisine. Most expensive advertising falls at attractive financial niches. Therefore clicks here can be several times more expensive. If your goal is making profit from the channel, you should study carefully market requirements first and then interests of you potential subscribers.

Keeping in mind portal trends, as well as analyzing ideas and opportunities, any user can create a thriving video channel without investing huge sums of money. A channel owner can increase his/her income on YouTube using these simple rules.

Getting the ball rolling can be pretty tough, but proper motivation and following recommendations given above will help you succeed at goal.

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