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Do you want to see the list of YouTube channels with the highest price for one minute of video? SeeZisLab Service provides up-to-date and relevant data, having selected the list of YouTube channels with the greatest prices per minute of video! A bunch of video blogs, presented above, are chosen for this TOP-100 list basing on the following criteria:

  • Number of views and downloads per channel;
  • Rating concerning its informative niche;
  • Number of its subscribers;
  • Account of owner's income;
  • Top channel tags.

In this case we mean the most profitable channels, which rating is based on the price per minute. If you, being a YouTuber yourself, want to get the highest income for broadcasting, you should check out this rating!

The highest revenue is better rating of your own channel on YouTube, meaning that you get more subscribers, likes, and popularity. SeeZisLab minimizes certain needs for manual search through blogs on YouTube. Thus, it saves your time and provides most relevant information about getting to this TOP-100 income per minute of video on YouTube.

Of course, you can see TOP-100 income per minute on YouTube, but this service also calculates the approximate earnings for your channel per month and for total time that your blog exists. In addition, YouTubers can analyse not only their channels, but also their competitors’.

Don't forget that with this new unique service called SeeZisLab, you can not only increase your blog's revenue, but also improve your channel's efficiency. The program works with minimal infelicity, that's why your statistics will always be clear. There is also a special function for viewing information in 68 languages of the world.

Other special functions are the main channel characteristics and its statistics in diagrams (subscribers, comments, likes/dislikes and other) and tag trends. But what does it mean "tag trends"? So, it is another unique function. In this case, it defines this TOP-100 across 68 languages at different time intervals and, also, displays certain use of these tags in videos’ titles. Maybe not all YouTubers know about all of these, but if you want your channel to be in the list of YouTube channels with the highest price for one minute of video, this information will be really helpful for you, because people may know how to use it in the right way!

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