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Let’s see TOP-100 YouTube channels with most views known worldwide! It is a great way to find new ideas and motivation to attract people, expanding your loyal audience. As you know, the number of blog subscribers doesn’t always represent an objective indicator of the relevance of informative content shared.

SeeZisLab is an easily accessible service which keeps tracking YouTube broadcasting around the world, concerning a maximum immediacy among its niche audiences. This unique and reliable service has no analogues among similar services. It analyzes over 30 YouTube channel criteria that are not available on other similar platforms. And don't forget that this service works with minimal error, that's why your statistics will always be clear.

TOP-100 of good YouTubers per view differs significantly from a similar rating per subscriber rate. This is due to the fact that most of people regularly follow channel’s link they haven’t been subscribed to. It may be long time before a person subscribes to the video blog's updates, though it affects only subscription statistics, but not on the viewing rating. These differences between indicators are obvious only for channels’ owners and marketing professionals, thus, our service is useful for evaluating your competitiveness, as well as for creation of further promoting strategy. So, all these things give this service an opportunity to get into the list of top views on YouTube.

However, what YouTube channel has got most views? This statistics show that, usually, most viewed channels are the channels by performers - people, who are professionally engaged in creative and musical activity, who have most views on YouTube. For example, Lady Gaga's YouTube channel, with only 8 million subscribers, is viewed by over 800 million users. Another example of most watched YouTube channels is PSY's channel with almost 10 million subscribers. Only 4 years ago, his video "Gentlemen" scored more than 1 billion subscribers and became one of the most viewed channel on YouTube. Today's top list of most viewed YouTube artists is headed by Taylor Swift.

All in all, such tracking of TOP-100 YouTube channels with most views dynamics enables us to evaluate the activities carried out by professional artists. All this figures help us to see the total number of subscribers and views. Changes made in such a rating represent the best criterion for evaluating the performance of the channel, and what is more important, it also shows what channel’s owner can improve to become popular and to enter TOP-100 most viewed channels on YouTube.

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