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Everyone knows that the most popular and visited video hosting service is YouTube. Today, many internet users have heard that you can earn good money on its channels. In some cases it can replace the main job and help become very popular. Everything depends on subject matter, if you give out loans or let's say there is an online store, then YouTube platform for you will be a field for attracting customers. If your channel has 20-30 views per day, do not rush to add ads to it, first increase the subscriber base and views, as having such rates you earn a penny and frighten the audience. However, far from everyone knows how it works.

Do you know, how much money youtubers make per video? Youtube wage depends on views rate. For each 1,000 views a blogger can earn at least $0.5. It is easy to count when a video blogger has got just 3-5 thousand video views. Nevertheless, it may be quite challenging to calculate the total sum earned when it has been watched by thousands of viewers. In this case, we are able to help you! Youtube salary calculator by SeeZisLab is a tool for an easy convenient budget organizing. This service is quite necessary as well as effective either for YouTube bloggers or potential advertisers.

Simple and intuitive counter interface fixes problems concerning its direct implementation. This instrument will obviously demonstrate how much revenue can a YouTube channel get while following the effective payment model strategy per view. Youtube income calculator is a useful tool, which simplifies the video bloggers' working process.

Using this youtube calc may be sufficient when entering data on average daily views and cost per view. Consequently, the service will provide you with earning capacity calculations based on three time frames: day, month, and year.

This application for calculations is to be adjusted taking into consideration the error margin for more accurate indicators of a particular YouTube channel. Figures obtained with this service represent a convenient and modern tool that is quite useful for channels’ owners acting independently as managers and promoters, as well as experienced specialists, whose business sphere is video blog promotion.

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